Jetpack: Gmail Checker - Version 0.5 (31 July, 2009)

This Jetpack will put a small Gmail icon on the bottom right of your Firefox window, displaying the total unread messages, as well as popping up with new messages and chats received.

This is my first Jetpack test script. Adapted from Mozilla's example, this one has a few new features:

Source here:

More features to come, so please subscribe to updates!

How to install?

First you need to install the Jetpack addon for Firefox HERE, then simply revisit this page and click "Install" up the top right.

What's new in 0.5?

Fixed a bunch of bugs, drastically improved performance and added support for multiple new chats. Tidied up status icon and new email counter (especially for Mac OSX users).

Old versions




0.1 (initial release):


Hopefully this is useful for someone!
- James